43. The hidden promise of emptiness




42. What makes me, me?

41. Growing abundantly younger

40. I am a secret bully

39. The Mexican police officer that played a farewell song for me



38. No grasping, no clinging



37. La Casa Azul or how Frida Kahlo was taken from us

36. Still ticking

35. Free theater

34. Hatakeyama



33. Birthday

32. 7am, November 20, 1990




31. The empty book




30. A privilege denied to many

29. Everything’s alright

28. A voice from the past


27. Cold comfort

26. I can see the world from my rooftop

25. A labor of love

24. Stolen memories

23. My loyal companions

22. Side effects or how getting the vaccine has made me milder

21. Life’s magical unfolding

20. Blended images


19. Pain (Book Extract: Borrowed Time)

18. How I cherish my fake memories

17. My passport to a parallel universe

16. Be careful what you wish for

15. Staedler Noris HB 2, Or: How I can smell my father even when he’s gone

14. The Mexican monk that guards me

13. Do I wear a protective suit?

12. Extract Ties that Bind

11. Hotel de Mexico from afar

10. The smell of tequila is my madeleine

9. How a unicorn saved my life

8. No more switching

7. Don’t you worry ’bout a thing

6. The book my mother received on her eighth birthday

5. Static is the sound of distance

4. My never-fading tattoo

3. The yellow biscuit tin

2. A simple life

1. Letters to an imaginary friend